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safety on country roads

Be Cautious on Country Roads in Spring!

Safety tips for driving on country roads in spring: patience with tractors, vigilance towards machinery and animals.
Hydrogen motorcycle, the Kawasaki H2 Hydrogen

Kawasaki H2 Hydrogen: The Manufacturer Introduces Its Hydrogen Motorcycle

The Kawasaki H2 Hydrogen motorcycle will be a pioneer in the industry with environmental consciousness and innovative technology.
fête des mères

Gift Suggestions for Mother’s Day with Shop MSD

With Mother’s Day approaching, I would like to present you with a small list of gift suggestions for the motorcycle mom. This event is the perfect opportunity to show your love. No doubt she will think of you every time she goes out on her motorcycle with these products from Shop MSD! Happy shopping! Mountain […]
gaspésie à moto

A Road Trip in Gaspésie to Rocher Percé: Enjoy Your Summer on a Motorcycle in Quebec, Part 2

Follow Thalie in this second part of her motorcycle road trip in Gaspésie. Experience a unique journey along the Quebec Coast.
ensemble graphique kutvek amerika

Transform Your Motorcycle With Kutvek Amerika’s Graphic Kit

Transform the look of your motorcycle and give it a fresh new look with a graphic kit from Kutvek Amerika.
voyage à moto en Gaspésie

Gaspésie… A Motorcycle Ride that Does Wonders for the Mind and Body!

Nathalie shares her motorcycle journey through Gaspésie. Join her as she rides along the sea and visits breathtaking places.

The Secrets to a Cozy and Dry Autumn Motorcycle Season!

The article provides tips on how to make the most of the autumn motorcycling season, highlighting the importance of the right equipment.

Exploring Gaspésie in a Unique Way

This article recounts a one-day motorcycle adventure through the Gaspé Peninsula, marked by the discovery of exceptional landscapes.
Max Sheehy sur sa Husqvarna Norden 901

Let Me Ride Standing: The Challenge of Quebec’s Motorcycle Laws

The article discusses the ban on stand-up riding in Quebec, highlighting its benefits and the complexity of changing the law.
Visiting Furygan in France

Furygan: A Visit at the Heart of this French Manufacturer

We met with the Furygan craftsmen in France, a brand that is recognized and appreciated by the world's greatest riders.