Gift Suggestions for Mother’s Day with Shop MSD

fête des mères

With Mother’s Day approaching, I would like to present you with a small list of gift suggestions for the motorcycle mom. This event is the perfect opportunity to show your love. No doubt she will think of you every time she goes out on her motorcycle with these products from Shop MSD!

Happy shopping!

Mountain Lab Kokanee Dry Bag

The waterproof Kokanee bags from Mountain Lab are large and sturdy. They are available in 15-litre and 30-litre sizes. These standalone waterproof bags can carry more equipment and withstand shocks and rough weather during your travels.

The Kokanee bags are made with a robust single-layer 400D TPU that maintains its flexibility, even in cold weather. It will not become brittle or degrade over time, unlike PVC.

Price: $39.99



FLY Racing CoolPro Gloves

The Fly Cool Pro Force motorcycle gloves are designed for road riding in extremely hot weather. Enjoy full finger protection while benefiting from cooling materials.

Price: $59.99

SKU: 476-621


509 Sinister MX6 Fuzion Flow Goggle

The 509 Sinister MX6 Fuzion Flow Goggles guarantee total clarity in the most challenging conditions.

The Fuzion lens technology is a first in the industry. It merges internal and external anti-fog lenses into one optically clear view. Additionally, the waterproof Frogzskin ventilation optimizes airflow to eliminate fogging. The available HCS (High Contrast Spectrum) lens tints allow you to adjust your vision to adapt to all lighting conditions.

Price: $149.99

SKU: F02006200-000


Mountain Lab RideSYNC2 Two-Rider Helmet Communications System

The Mountain Lab RideSYNC2 is an easy-to-use helmet communication system. It allows a rider and a passenger or two riders to stay in touch while on the move. Users can chat, listen to the radio, or connect to their smartphone via Bluetooth. Simply press a button. Smartphone integration allows listening to music, making and receiving calls, following GPS navigation instructions, and accessing phone voice commands.

Transform Your Motorcycle With Kutvek Amerika's Graphic Kit

The RideSYNC2 is sold as a pair, one device for each user. They can also be used individually as standalone devices.

Price: $229.99



You can find all these items, and more, on the online store of Shop MSD. Visit it and you will certainly come across the perfect gift for Mother’s Day!

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