Gaspésie… A Motorcycle Ride that Does Wonders for the Mind and Body!

voyage à moto en Gaspésie

By the sea, life is different; hours don’t exist, they’re more like moments. I watched the tide ebb and flow for hours. I sat quietly, eagerly awaiting the beauty of sunsets and sunrises. That’s what I loved most amidst my daily motorcycle rides! Away from the stress of urban centres, the experience of a journey in Gaspésie is a new discovery every time!

A brief stop to take in the sea

In Preparation for a Trip in the Summer of ’24.

Firstly, I’d like to explain why I undertook this journey. The primary reason is to prepare for the AmeriKaMoto trip for the summer of 2024 in Gaspésie. This involved finding the best places to visit, encountering breathtaking landscapes, selecting the most beautiful routes, ensuring the safety of locations for stops, and above all, making the experience unforgettable for motorcyclists.

a motorcycle parked on the beach in gaspésie
Along Route 132

A Collaboration With the Wonderful Riotel Hotels

The second reason is that I was invited to discover three hotels of the Riotel Group. The first one is in Bonaventure, the second in Percé, and the last one in Matane. We are very excited to include them in our adventure. It’s important to choose places to stay where it’s comforting to arrive after a long journey. This is what completes a magnificent and memorable stay.

The beach by the Matane Riotel Hotel

Embarking on a solo journey…

You’re probably wondering, like many people, why go solo. For this kind of adventure, as a columnist, I need to meet people, stop regularly, and take lots of photos and videos. Travelling alone is therefore preferable. It can be quite overwhelming at times, hihi! But it suits me! Even though I occasionally venture out alone, touring Gaspésie was still a challenge for me.

I had the opportunity to travel with a KTM 390 Adventure motorcycle. It’s a perfect bike for this type of journey. Regarding this machine, many of you have expressed excitement to read the article about my road test. However, you’ll have to wait for my next article, which will be dedicated solely to this motorcycle.

KTM 309 Adventure motorcycle

A Must in Quebec!

Let’s return to this journey between sea, sunsets, cliffs, and forests, so I can share my unique experience. For road enthusiasts, touring Gaspésie is a must in Quebec. No matter where you live in the province, at some point you’ll need to embark on this popular adventure. Touring Gaspésie entails a route of 885 km, which translates to nearly 11 hours of driving.

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In Sainte-Flavie, Route 132 East splits into two directions: the north side and the south side. Do you feel like that is a long journey? Route 132 offers a completely different experience than the highway. I can confirm that the road is far from boring. You’ll drive along the sea and witness magnificent landscapes along the way.

algues échouées sur le sable d'une plage en Gaspésie
On the road between Bonaventure and Percé

My Suggestion for a Safe Journey

Which side to start from? It’s up to you to choose! If you’re on a motorcycle, I suggest starting from Rimouski or Rivière-du-Loup and heading towards Bonaventure. Then, you can pass through Percé and finish in Matane. This way, you’ll be driving along the sea where you can easily leave Highway 132 to stop and enjoy each place where you want to take a break to admire the magnificent scenery. It’s my motorcycle instructor side that pays close attention to these details. There’s less risk for you as cars might not see you when you’re waiting to cross Highway 132. Traffic moves fast on major roads, so it’ll be safer for you to be on the side where you want to go. However, be sure not to deviate from Percé to Matane on Highway 132. For me, that was MY favourite spot.

terrain gazonné en bordure du Fleuve en Gaspésie
Rest area at L’Anse-Pleureuse

Here’s a map of the Gaspésie loop that can help you ;-).

Before arriving in the Gaspésie loop, I suggest two places to visit:

a swing by the beach in gaspésie
Maison touristique régionale du Bas-Saint-Laurent in La Pocatière

I couldn’t visit everything I wanted due to time constraints, but I’ll be able to share some recommended places with you. The Gaspésie region is rich in magnificent landscapes. Hoping to immortalize all these beautiful places visited, I fill my head with unforgettable memories captured with my best friend: the camera. You can read this article through MagazineMoto, which allows you to travel by motorcycle comfortably seated on your favourite couch.

My Most Beautiful Sunset

If you have the chance to witness the sunset at the Carleton-sur-Mer lighthouse, facing Mont-Saint-Joseph, you will have an unforgettable experience. Several people were there waiting for this moment. To this day, this sunset remains the most beautiful I’ve seen in Quebec. The Carleton-sur-Mer lighthouse is in the Pointe Tracadigash Park at the end of the barachois bike path. You absolutely must make a stop at this location!

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the sun sets behind a sailboat on water in gaspésie
Sunset in Carleton-sur-Mer


a lighthouse sitting at the end of a flower field in gaspésie
The Carleton-sur-Mer lighthouse

Arrival in Bonaventure

Onward to la Pointe de Beaubassin. It’s a unique place, considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Gaspésie. I got off my motorcycle to access the wooden boardwalk that leads out to the sea! You’ll also find the Bonaventure lighthouse there.

If visiting all the lighthouses is something that interests you, here’s a map of the places to visit.

A woman fishing on rocks by the water in gaspésie
La Pointe-de-Beaubassin

I Reveal a Truly Warm Place:

My first night’s rest was at the Riotel Bonaventure Hotel! The perfect starting point for exploring Baie-des-Chaleurs. I felt like a princess arriving at her white castle. But this time, this lovely princess wasn’t escorted in a splendid carriage. It was Thalie behind the wheel of a KTM 390 Adventure motorcycle. When I entered, it was a feeling of “home sweet home.” With its rustic interior, this hotel has a sublime charm.

Hotel Riotel Bonaventure

Kano, the hotel’s restaurant, completely dazzled me, and I succumbed to what it offered. I had a 6 oz steak with aged cheddar mashed potatoes, grilled vegetables, and peppercorn and cognac sauce. It was delicious! When I tasted the steak, I was pleasantly surprised by its flavourful and exceptional taste. I felt a sense of well-being, even though the restaurant was bustling.

Restaurant Kano at the Riotel Hotel Bonaventure

A morning out of the ordinary:

The next morning, it’s amazing how it can boost morale! A lighter veil at the window dances to the sound of the sea in my room. The hotel is so close to the sea that at high tide, from the bed, you can feel like you’re right on the water. At low tide, the beach calls us to go for a walk.

It’s also a time to reclaim oneself, to step back, and to do what we don’t have time to do in everyday life. How about reading? Thanks to the movement of the water, the sea plunges us into a state of tranquility. For me, it always stimulates my creativity to experience other adventures and to have the chance to share them with you later.

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Throughout my journey, I’ll introduce you to or suggest beautiful places. Like passing by the Site Historique National de Paspébiac. The landscape is simply breathtaking. Go all the way to the end; there’s an extraordinary beach.

Site historique national in Paspébiac

There will also be a place to breathe in the fresh air in front of the Railway Bridge in Port-Daniel Gascons. That’s where you should take one of your souvenir photos with your motorcycle.

a motorcycle parked under a railway bridge by the waterfront
Railway Bridge in Port-Daniel Gascons

In L’Anse-à-Beaufils, there are two places to visit, the Authentic 1928 Historic General Store and the Pit Caribou microbrewery. This can allow you to take a break, stretch your legs, and walk after a good time sitting on your motorcycle.

Authentic 1928 Historic General Store in L’Anse-à-Beaufils

My Road Trip Continues Towards Rocher Percé

I hope I’ve managed to convey through my writing the pleasure I feel in embarking on this captivating journey. Now, here we are! I leave you with these final lines… This was the first part of my journey. It’s a true rendezvous for the second part. So here I am, continuing my road trip in Gaspésie towards Percé and on to Matane, still along the beautiful Route 132, to reach the iconic Rocher Percé, which is a must-see in this region.

a woman sitting by the water near Rocher Percé in gaspésie

Moto avec une boucle rose sur la poignée

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