I Tested the BMW 1200 R nineT Pure at the Moto Balade; A Thrilling Start!

moto balade bmw 1200 r ninet pure

There are days when you can’t help but smile just by taking the handlebars of a BMW 1200 R nineT Pure, enjoying a ride organized by Moto Balade.

What Is Moto Balade?

It is a motorcycle ride organized by the Émile-Z.-Laviolette Foundation. Its mission is to help underprivileged children in the MRC Deux-Montagnes through food aid programs and academic perseverance.

Upon my arrival at the event, as a columnist, the day started with a continental breakfast provided by Tim Hortons and Métro Plus Famille Éthier in Saint-Eustache. I was looking forward to meeting the motorcycle that would accompany me throughout the day for a ride of over 250 km. This motorcycle was loaned to me by Nadon Sport.

moto balade

My Encounter With the BMW 1200 R nineT Pure

When the team from Nadon Sport accompanied me to where the motorcycle was, in the middle of the parking lot and the crowd, my eyes were drawn to this powerhouse with a bright turquoise metallic paint and a retro style. It was her, a BMW 1200 R nineT Pure. Does that name ring a bell? After this article, you will recognize it on the roads, guaranteed, with its muscular look and head-turning style. It must be said that it has everything to make waves and make other riders envious.

Mélissa Tyo (left), Sales Dir. at BMW Motorrad and Thalie (right).

My First Experience With a BMW Motorcycle

I was moved by this unusual encounter. I was filled with wonder, charmed, and so honoured to have this opportunity. It was my first time with a BMW. Too good to be true. I couldn’t imagine the day when I would experience this! When you possess the capacity for wonder and keep your eyes open, life presents us with magnificent opportunities. You must be ready when it happens! It was at that moment that I had a smile on my face all day.

I felt a bit nervous not knowing my ride. Marty Robitaille, a guide with his own passion for BMW motorcycles, beautifully introduced me to my new ride. He explained the beautiful mechanical aspects, its performance, the numerous options available, the handling, and what it feels like to ride a BMW 1200 R nineT Pure. Phew! I was truly impressed.

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bmw 1200 r ninet pure

It’s time to start the ride!

The parking lot is filled with motorcycles and people, making the beginning of the day already beautiful. The departure is announced! It was at that moment that I began the adventure with the BMW 1200 R nineT Pure that took hold of me. A more pronounced breath of freedom, a robust motorcycle that arouses desire and passion from the moment I start the engine with its charming little side as if it was waking up and tumbling.

At first, the ride can be a bit destabilizing since the valves are horizontal. The feeling of the engine is completely different, it surprises us when the motorcycle shifts slightly to the right, I love this sensation that is not present in other motorcycles. But it can be surprising, once you understand how it works, it’s a joy to ride this high-performance motorcycle.

Pure adrenaline on two wheels

It’s not enough to feel the full power of the BMW 1200 R nineT Pure. You also need to fully master its handling. The first acceleration awakens the senses and is enough on its own to make you want to reserve one. Hi! Hi! The original friendly sound will be hard to forget. It’s incredible without needing to add new exhaust pipes. I must admit that it’s similar to the feeling I had when starting my Harley-Davidson for the first time. I heard a unique sound that made me vibrate and confirmed that I was riding a motorcycle.

The BMW 1200 R nineT Pure boasts a unique design offering an exceptional driving experience. I feel as if there’s something special between it and me. The Nadon Sport team made an excellent choice! I feel confident and was able to have a great experience on the BMW all day. In addition to riding with it all weekend for a full test, I had the chance to have fun taking beautiful photos of this powerhouse.

bmw 1200 r ninet pure bmw 1200 r ninet pure

A very special break

I discovered my beautiful BMW 1200 R nineT Pure during the first stop we had. This break was accompanied by a potato doughnut, courtesy of La Cabane à sucre Constantin. I found a motorcycle with a different style that I love. It’s a BMW Motorrad product… so I have nothing to say, everything is perfect! It is well equipped with heated grips, standard cruise control, and different riding modes. There are indeed three riding modes, one for rain, one for the road, and a slightly sportier dynamic mode.

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It is an interesting motorcycle for a beginner because it is easy to handle. Even though it is rather massive due to the engines, you quickly get used to it. That being said, at the beginning of a new motorcycle experience, we are more vulnerable. Therefore, we must be especially cautious. An experienced motorcyclist will appreciate and can easily make the most of this motorcycle to get pure pleasure from riding it.

I was comfortable and confident on the BMW 1200 R nineT Pure

The BMW 1200 R nineT Pure is relatively upright and slightly more leaned forward. The heavier engine and lower centre of gravity allow for a well-balanced motorcycle ride. Being of good height, with both feet on the ground, I was stable. I remained surprised by how I could handle it. It is not heavy at all. Without a windshield, we are exposed to the wind. Therefore, it is not pleasant for long trips. This motorcycle is ideal for the countryside, the city, and short daily rides. You can also use it to make your commute to work more interesting! Additionally, it is easy to maneuver around easily everywhere with it.

bmw 1200 r ninet pure

For BMW enthusiasts

For motorcycle customization enthusiasts, this is an ideal motorcycle! At BMW Motorrad, they have truly developed it to be personalized to the owner’s spirit and taste. The choice of shorter or longer seats is possible. The mirrors are well placed, quite high and much further out. This way, the view is excellent. The tires are of standard quality and the brakes are well managed and precise for stopping. It’s a perfect motorcycle, in my opinion, with a wide variety of options available.

If you want more information about this model, you can check the technical specifications.

I wasn’t just there for the motorcycle test opportunity

I am delighted to be present today for this beautiful event. When I heard about the Moto Balade, it immediately interested me. Working in a school, I have a good understanding of the urgent needs of underprivileged children and their families. If I can make a difference to help families, it touches me. Especially since it’s in my area; I grew up in Saint-Eustache.

Choosing a Harley-Davidson When You Are Taking Your First Steps in the World of Motorcycles

moto balade

A safe motorcycle ride with a beautiful landscape

Even though I have a lot of experience as a rider, I wasn’t expecting this well-organized day. Wow! A true ride as I love them: the chosen route, the energy of the participating motorcyclists, it was safe and the landscape was beautiful. We were fortunate with all these volunteers; everyone was delighted to be there today. We are grateful to Gaby Constantin and his team from La Cabane à sucre Constantin for this wonderful ride and all the organization. There were 150 of us, but it felt as if I was riding with my group of friends. I positioned myself at the front sometimes and at the back at other times. The event was really well organized from start to finish. We enjoyed a well-appreciated lunch break with a meal provided by La Cabane à sucre Constantin.

All Together for the Same Cause

The people here today have been involved for many years. They are all here for one cause and one reason only: the children. What a great success we will achieve throughout the day, like a big family, which will conclude with a dinner show at La Cabane à sucre Constantin! The amount raised for the day is $32,325.

$32 325 cheque given to Moto Balade

This year, La Fondation Émile-Z.-Laviolette would like to highlight the 20 years of involvement of the founders, Michel Constantin, Martin Nadon, and Serge Cameron.

Don’t Miss This Opportunity

Would you like to participate in the Moto Balade? It will be the 20th anniversary of the event on June 14, 2024. This year, Moto Balade is delighted to welcome Jean-Marie Lapointe as honorary president for the fifth year! We will also have Martin Deschamps as a guest artist to host this exceptional day. You can come even if you don’t have a motorcycle by participating in the dinner show.

Click here to purchase your tickets

moto balade

Thanks to all partners of this incredible experience!

Nadon Sport

BMW Motorrad

Cabane à sucre Constantin

Fondation Émile-Z.-Laviolette

Moto Balade

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