Be Cautious on Country Roads in Spring!

safety on country roads

As I was riding my motorcycle, I have seen this kind of sign a few times (see image below). I thought of you and wanted to share with you the subtleties of these signs. Spring has arrived, and with it, the fields come to life. But beware, our country roads are also the playground of farmers and their big tractors. Here are safety tips for driving:

safety sign on country roads

Patience is important

Agricultural machines are not race cars! They move slowly at their own pace. So be patient when you encounter them. No need to play Valentino Rossi to overtake them!

All Kinds of Machinery

There are all kinds of machinery, of all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they encroach a bit on the public road. Be vigilant when you encounter them. Also, keep your distance. It’s easy for a motorcycle to slip into the right third of the lane to maintain a safe space when passing them.

Safety Distance

Keep your distances on country roads. If the vehicle in front of you decides to stop to admire the cows or the beautiful landscape, you will need space to brake. Otherwise, you will end up in its bumper.

Watch Out for Turns, It’s Not a Grand Prix

If you see a tractor slowing down, be cautious. It may be turning to go into its field. No need to overtake it in a rush and end up in the ditch!

Plan Your Route

Before going for a ride, check the weather. Because yes, a tractor coming out of a muddy field can leave traces on the road.

Small Animals

In addition to machines, there are also small animals roaming in the fields. Rabbits, partridges, squirrels, wild turkeys, deer… They don’t have turn signals! Be vigilant.

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In summary, respect farmers, their machinery, and the wildlife of the agricultural and forest environment. We share the road! So we all go home at the end of the day. Have a safe journey and watch out for cows! Thanks to farmers for feeding us 🏍️🌾

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