The ewool Metro: The Jacket That Enhances Your Outdoor Adventures

Autumn is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful times of the year for motorcycle enthusiasts. The trees don their vibrant colors, creating a visual delight. Moreover, the absence of flies and butterflies, along with milder temperatures, makes exploring rural roads more enjoyable.

As we progress through the fall season, temperature fluctuations become more pronounced. A day can start with frost on the ground, transition to intense heat in the afternoon, and conclude with a chilly breeze in the evening.

Dressing appropriately can sometimes be quite challenging.

My Secret Weapon in Recent Years

Over the past two or three years, I’ve discovered a solution for staying comfortable throughout the day during my quad rides, without the need for constant wardrobe changes. Until this spring, I wore the ewool Pro+ heated jacket. Read my review that I made on

While I have a deep appreciation for the ewool Pro+ heated jacket, there were a few aspects that needed improvement, especially for motorcycle use.

The ewool Metro: Innovation in Polar Fleece

Since this Spring, I’ve been testing the latest ewool heated jacket: the Metro. I’ve truly fallen in love with this product. The Metro is made of fleece, making it thinner, lighter, and more flexible than the Pro+. Consequently, I find it significantly more comfortable to wear.

The battery size is much smaller than that of the Pro+, barely noticeable, similar to having a cell phone in a pocket on the side of the jacket. The Metro offers three heating levels and up to 5 hours of autonomy.

Strategic Button Placement

Another advantage of this jacket is the strategic placement of the activation button, integrated (and hidden) at chest level. Simply hold the button for a few seconds to activate it. You can determine the heating level by the number of vibrations the jacket emits when you press the button.

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No more tiny LED lights. There’s no need to glance at your waist. The number of vibrations allows you to keep your eyes on the trail.

My Test of the ewool Metro on a Motorcycle

Of course, I’ve worn and used the jacket during chilly mornings in recent days. I kept the jacket on all day but only turned it on when I felt the cold. Additionally, on rainy days, I wear the jacket directly under my rain gear. I don’t need to layer up to stay dry and warm, making my rides much more enjoyable.

Versatile Charging

Another positive aspect of the ewool Metro heated jacket is that its battery can be charged using any USB charger. No need for a special charger or cable. Personally, I used the same charger as for my cell phone.

Exploring Other Possibilities

The jacket can be used in various other contexts, such as quad riding, snowmobiling, camping, and even fishing. I also recommend it for hunters who spend long hours in their blinds or stands.

For my part, I will continue testing this jacket during my snowmobiling trips next winter.

As you can see, I’ve embraced the ewool Metro heated jacket. It accompanies me in nearly all my outdoor activities. Therefore, I wholeheartedly recommend it to you.

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