Transform Your Motorcycle With Kutvek Amerika’s Graphic Kit

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Every year, it’s always the same story. The Montréal motorcycle show is approaching and my desire to splurge on a new motorcycle comes along. Like many motorcyclists, when we acquire our new motorcycle, we are overwhelmed by a rush of adrenaline. We feel like the king of the world, we feel like hitting the jackpot, buying years of freedom. We feel as if we’re on cloud nine.

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Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever…

After that magical moment, akin to a “honeymoon” with our motorcycle, reality slowly resumes. We take our first rides, make our first modifications, and without realizing it, time passes and our motorcycle is already three years old…

The new models of the year tarnish the sense of exclusivity that once made us so proud. Like everyone else, it’s heartbreaking to see the new models and colours, but not wanting to part with our faithful motorcycle.

kutvek amerika graphic kit

Good news, I have the solution!

I personally felt this when I saw the new models of my motorcycle. Understand me well, I LOVE my motorcycle. We make a great team. I don’t want to change it, but I have to admit that the new colours annoy me. It was at that precise moment that I discovered Kutvek Amerika.

Initially, I thought it was a company based in the United States and specialized only in graphic kits for snowmobiles. I was wrong. They make decals for motocross, quad, side-by-side, golf cart, scooter, jet ski, snowmobile, and many more. Furthermore, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the company is actually located in Saint-Eustache, Quebec.

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Browsing their website, I found the perfect graphic kit for my motorcycle. If you want to visit Kutvek Amerika’s website, click here.

kutvek amerika

Get back in style for only $229!

After finding my dream graphic kit, several options were available to me:

  1. Home delivery and self-installation.
  2. Installation of the graphic kit at a dealership.
  3. Installation directly at Kutvek Amerika.

I chose option 4: to contact the owner and ask if I could install my graphic kit myself, but with the assistance of a professional.

That’s when I met Julien Welsh, the owner of Kutvek Amerika, a motorcycle legend. Here are some links to get to know Julien better: YouTube, Facebook, YouTube.

Julien agreed to help me install my graphic kit and even gave me a tour of his company.

Kutvek Amerika Company

Kutvek is the leading provider of graphic kits in Europe. They design, print, and distribute thousands of graphic kits across Europe each year.

Upon their arrival in Quebec, they gave Julien the opportunity to promote the brand locally. Today, Kutvek Amerika has become one of the largest suppliers in the province.

The team of creative graphic designers and employees dedicated to cutting and installation ensure that everything is in place for the company to remain a reference for a long time.

Personally, I was impressed by the team’s efficiency and the logistics of the processes. Everything is strategically designed to ensure the best printing quality and fast delivery. They also offer a wide range of graphics, from basic designs to complete sets, all offered at only $229. An affordable price to rejuvenate a motorcycle.

And if you have any concerns about the durability of the products, rest assured. The material used by Kutvek Amerika is thick, flexible, and capable of protecting against certain impacts.

kutvek amerika

The Installation

Here we go. My motorcycle is well set up in the workshop, and Julien is explaining the basics of installing a graphic kit to me.

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The installation steps:

  1. Completely wash the motorcycle.
  2. Remove all existing stickers on the motorcycle (with a heat gun).
  3. Ensure that the surface is clean (with brake cleaner).
  4. Clean your hands frequently to avoid dirtying the surface during installation.
  5. Perform the installation and final adjustment.

Tips and Mistakes to Avoid:

When you receive your kit, it includes a pre-cut, numbered set, with a colour-coding system to help you visualize each piece that needs to be applied. Initially, it may seem like a puzzle, but once you understand that each side of the sheet corresponds to a side of the motorcycle, everything becomes clearer.

First, remove all stickers that are already in place on your motorcycle. Use a heat gun to make this task easier and brake cleaner to remove any residual adhesive.

Before applying the new stickers, make sure to thoroughly clean your motorcycle. Julien recommends using brake cleaner to ensure that no dust remains on the motorcycle. Note: if you apply stickers on dust, the adhesion will not be optimal.

Installation Procedure:

Plan for about four hours if you are a beginner. Professionals at Kutvek Amerika complete this task in two hours, giving you an idea of the necessary time. Of course, the installation time may vary depending on the number of stickers to apply.

Make sure to keep your hands clean throughout the installation. If a sticker is improperly placed, you can remove and reapply it up to about ten times without losing its adhesion. I assure you, I have peeled off and reapplied almost every sticker on my motorcycle!

If some pieces are not exactly in the right place, you can also use a hairdryer or a heat gun to gently heat the sticker and readjust it.

kutvek amerika graphic kit

Final Result:

After a few hours, you will notice that the appearance of your motorcycle has been completely transformed! The first pieces applied may be more challenging than the last, but you will see that you can easily modernize your motorcycle thanks to your new Kutvek sticker installation skills.

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kutvek amerika graphic kit

So, convinced?

It had never crossed my mind to put a new design on my motorcycle. In the snowmobile world, customizing your ride is common, but for a motorcycle, it was a first for me. Initially, I thought it would take me 12 hours and that I would be lost in the instructions.

But no! Kutvek’s kits are so well designed that even an impatient person like me managed to create something superb. Today, I am proud of my motorcycle’s new style and feel as if I have gained mental strength!

It was a first experience for me, but I believe it’s like tattoos: once you start, you can’t stop. This will certainly not be my last graphic kit! Thank you to Julien and Kutvek Amerika for your time and sharing your knowledge!

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