A Road Trip in Gaspésie to Rocher Percé: Enjoy Your Summer on a Motorcycle in Quebec, Part 2

gaspésie à moto

On a beautiful sunny day, riding on the 132 towards Percé, I continue my motorcycle “road trip” in Gaspésie for the organization of AmériKamoto trips. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to read the first part of my journey by consulting the following article.

When the famous Rocher Percé appears at the top of Côte Surprise, it always has the same effect on me. It’s the same feeling as when you arrive at the exit of Pic de l’Aurore. I take the opportunity to open my eyes, ears, and nostrils wide to fully enjoy all these wonderful sensations. Dazzled and grateful to experience a moment of gratitude, to see this imposing red rock, to hear the wind on the edge of the sea, and to feel the salty air. Rocher Percé is the natural emblem of Gaspésie. Every year, half a million people travel to admire it. If you enjoy this type of journey, this destination is a must visit at least once in a lifetime.

Percé, Gaspésie
Arrival in Percé
Rocher Percé, Gaspésie
Rocher Percé

The Imposing Red Rock that Always Has an Impact

No matter which side you approach from, it is always impressive to see. The first thing I do is get off my motorcycle to take my belongings to the Hôtel Riotel in Percé to discover the magic of the downtown area and let myself be seduced by its cultural riches. The establishment offers a site with a unique panorama. From my balcony, I could breathe, unwind, and admire up close the exceptional landscape of Rocher Percé.

Rocher Percé, Gaspésie
Rocher Percé

Strolling along the beach during my walk in front of the Île-Bonaventure National Park. There was a magnificent view of the surrounding mountains. Stop by Pub Pit Caribou, it’s the best place to have a good beer after a day of riding around on a motorcycle.

Pub Pit Caribou, Gaspésie
Pub Pit Caribou

The Hôtel Riotel in Percé and Its Paqbo Restaurant

Back at the hotel, just a few steps from the pub, I eagerly await a delicious meal. I settled in nicely at the Paqbo restaurant inside the Riotel hotel. A wide variety of dishes was available to me. To start, my warm rolls with sangria comforted me while waiting for my meal. Finally, the succulent 8 oz steak (AAA Angus strip loin) arrived. The plate was garnished with peppercorn and cognac sauce with homemade fries. I savoured each bite, it was absolutely delicious. At that moment, I didn’t want to be anywhere else! What’s better than a good steak in front of Rocher Percé? My plan for the evening? Simply walk on the wharf and sit in front of Rocher Percé with my “Moto-Girl” sweatshirt.

Percé Is an Absolutely Charming Town!

Every time, I try to keep unforgettable memories of my time here in Percé. To recover from my emotions, from this imposing red rock, I made the decision to stay in the same place for two days. I suggest you do the same to fully enjoy these wonderful moments when you arrive and take a deep breath to relax. Once again, I noticed that the village was very lively with its charming shops and activities.

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The Hôtel Riotel in Percé was designed to make you want to come back. Every morning, I woke up to a colourful dish with a good coffee in front of an extraordinary view of Rocher Percé. I am always very curious to discover this area where the sea, the forest, and the mountains form a fabulous landscape.

This Place Was Very Popular

I hop on my motorcycle to finally go and explore the Rivière Émeraude Municipal Park. If you decide to go there, make sure you are skilled with your motorcycle. You will have a small gravel path to travel to get there. You will need a short hike of a few minutes that will dazzle you by this river, I promise you. It is an absolutely enchanting place. The crystalline waters are of a resplendent colour. I couldn’t help but dip my toes, even though the water was very cold. It’s truly a place you must visit.


Before returning to Percé, I continued a little further to La Grande Mare. I took rue de la Plage, remember that name well. It’s an excellent discovery where you can appreciate the feeling of being alone in the world, with landscapes that will make you feel almost as if you’re in another country. It seems completely exotic to me. Let me know how it goes if you go there!

moto sur le bord de la route en gaspésie

My Gaspesian Friend

It’s already time to leave Percé. This time, I head towards the Hôtel Riotel in Matane. But first, a nice motorcycle ride in New Brunswick with the legendary Marius! He is a true motorcycle enthusiast. He is 79 years old. I always enjoy my time with him when I return to this region. Between two enthusiasts, there are plenty of stories to share. Going on an adventure with another enthusiast like Marius reminds me that it can be enjoyable to travel the world on a motorcycle with this kind of person. I love listening to his life stories, experiences, and the history of Gaspésie he tells in his little Gaspesian accent. I adore him!

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moto sur le chemin de gravier

Le légendaire Marius !

Here Are Some Interesting Places to Discover

Unfortunately, I don’t have enough of two articles to present everything I experienced during my tour of Gaspésie. I share with you these places that you can include in your itinerary:

  • Cap Mont-Joli
  • Pic de l’Aurore Rest Area
  • Bridgeville Beach
  • Haldimand Beach
  • Tête Indien
  • Cap-des-Rosiers
  • Géoparc de Percé
  • Pointe-à-la-Renommée Historic Site
  • Coin-du-Banc Beach
  • Le Shack à guedilles & Le Shack à Slush
  • Forillon Park
  • Coin-du-Banc Beach
  • Chocolaterie Marie 4 poches.

Unfortunately, I ran out of time, so I didn’t have the chance to visit everything.

This Stretch of Road is My Favourite

Route 132 is the main road in Gaspésie. I was impressed by the scenic route, between sea and mountains, leading to the Hôtel Riotel in Matane. The road took me past beaches with grey pebbles and dark blue waters. I admired, all along the way, the most beautiful landscapes it has to offer. Continuing your journey, taking route 198 for a quick stop, you will come across the Lac de L’Anse-Pleureuse rest area. It’s the perfect place to take a photo with your motorcycle or a selfie. In La Martre, a little further along the road, the Veil of the Bride waterfall is very pretty to admire. The waterfall and L’Anse-Pleureuse are must-see places.

moto sur le bord du chemin
Halte routière de L’Anse-Pleureuse
moto devant une chute d'eau en gaspésie
Chute d’eau Voile de la Mariée

The Sea Is Everywhere!

I arrived in my dream room at the Riotel de Matane. I had never seen such a beautiful room. The hotel was full. The place is comfortable, spacious, and welcoming, and offers professional service. Whether from the balcony of your room, the hotel terrace, or the new design of the Bar Lounge Cargo restaurant, the sea is everywhere.

hotel riotel matane, gaspésie
Hôtel Riotel de Matane

View from my balcony.

At the Bar Lounge Cargo restaurant, a very luxurious place, my meal was delicious. I had a good comforting supper. It feels so good when we are far from home! After enjoying the pool and spa, I found myself in front of the outdoor fire for a peaceful evening under the stars. Needless to say, I roasted some good marshmallows in front of the sea. Truly special! Yes, yes, it’s the hotel that offers you this little attention that makes you feel like home! Thanks to the whole team.

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The next morning, in front of the sea and the gentle white noise of the waves, I received my breakfast. This experience will give you a feeling of well-being with the beautiful natural light of the sun’s rays on you.

Interesting Out of the Ordinary Visits

The next day, I continue my visit of Matane. Le Fort-Musée maritime offers a magnificent view of the city and the sea.

gaspésie on motorcycle
Fort-Musée maritime de Matane

Go visit Chic-Chocs Glacier if you want to experience unique ice cream. The owners, Michel and Chantal, are also waiting for you to prepare your little picnic, dear motorcyclist! Tell them Thalie sent you and they will make you a lunch for your next motorcycle stop.

Chich-Chocs Glacier

You can also live the Carpinteri Vinyard experience by visiting their exceptional villa. It’s a beautiful location for an unforgettable break with your motorcycle. You can feel the authenticity of Italy there.

Finally, I made a stop at the Jardin Métis. This garden is considered one of the wonders of Quebec and one of the largest in North America. In total, there are at least 3,000 species and varieties of plants on the property. Walking in an environment filled with colours and scents, you can stretch your legs. It’s different from a motorcycle ride.

I had a great stay at the three Hôtels Riotel in Gaspésie and felt a good energy. Their beautiful establishments all offer breathtaking views. All the rooms are very nicely decorated. Finally, you will meet people who love what they do and whose only desire is to satisfy your taste buds with quality service.

All of This Is Possible When Touring Gaspésie.

If you want to discover Gaspésie on a road trip for the first time, or if you are thinking of returning, be ready for something new. You discover a new environment each time. As soon as you can, you will enjoy, comfortably seated on your motorcycle, the beauty and benefits of the seaside with its water, beaches, and beautiful landscapes.

Many Gaspésie enthusiasts come back every year and make new discoveries! I had the opportunity to stop for activities and wonderful encounters throughout my journey.

I hope to have inspired you to head to such a destination. But above all, I hope to have provided you with a different experience, in my own way.

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