Choosing a Harley-Davidson When You Are Taking Your First Steps in the World of Motorcycles


If, like me, you are taking your first steps in the world of motorcycles, you are surely thinking that the choice is vast when it comes time to buy your ride. It is even more difficult when we think about the products offered by Harley-Davidson. Indeed, their products attract a very specific and loyal clientele who are, for the most part, die-hard fans of the brand, and have been for several years. However, there is a wide selection of motorcycles that caters to everyone, regardless of age and budget. In this article, I will present three of them that I was able to test. Without going into too much detail, I will tell you what I think of each one with my beginner’s eye.

What Is Harley-Davidson?

Before getting into the heart of the matter, I must tell you that Harley-Davidson has 120 years of history. It’s a way of life, engines with big displacements, the rumble of the mufflers, chrome, large handles, and white sidewall tires. The latter are not mandatory if you don’t like them. It’s also a world of possibilities for modifications to personalize them. It’s freedom!

For a long time, I have dreamed of owning one. In fact, this is what led me to take my motorcycle course.

RPM Harley-Davidson Saguenay

The best part of the story is that I made friends with my local dealer to be able to carry out some tests as a new biker and share my observations with you. RPM Harley-Davidson, located in Saguenay, celebrated its 40th anniversary this spring. It is a family story that continues from father to son and daughter. I recommend you to see how extraordinary the service is there and how the staff is “on point,” as they say.

Street Glide vs. Road Glide: Which Harley-Davidson to choose?

Thanks to the latter, I will be able to get an idea of the differences between these three models. This will help me a little in making a future choice, but above all, also inform you.

Street Bob 2023

(Photo 0890)

The Harley-Davidson I was able to start with is a beautiful little bike with a powerful and lively 114 cu in engine. I’m talking about the 2023 Street Bob. It charmed me at first sight with its exceptional look. I found it very easy to ride. It has good maneuverability and is well-balanced. Its seat is remarkably comfortable and its suspension is surprising and does the job well. I liked the handlebar, which had been replaced by a slightly taller model. But the 2-in-1 exhaust, which replaces the original one, makes a bit too much noise for my taste. The sound is pleasant, but on a long distance, it gets tiring.

Overall, it’s a bike of a nice size and it’s perfect to have started with this one. I really liked it. I also felt confident, despite my lack of experience. It could be a logical choice for a first Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Softail Heritage 2022

(Photo 0920)

The second Harley-Davidson motorcycle I tried was a bit larger, but not too much. It looked a lot like the previous one with the same 114 cu in engine. The 2022 Softail Heritage also has a great look with all its chrome, white sidewall tires, and tall handlebars that reach for the sky. Let’s talk about those tall handlebars. Personally, I find it very beautiful, but I wouldn’t have them. This style of handlebar, combined with that fork and a larger tire, changes the ease of riding. Adding to the fact that this one didn’t have a windshield, it meant that I felt like a parachute all day.

However, several positive points stand out about this beast compared to the Street Bob. It comes equipped with heated grips, a cruise control, and very practical side bags. The seat is wider and designed for long rides. I would have almost liked it as much as the Street Bob if it had remained stock (without modifications to the handlebar and wheel).

Street Glide vs. Road Glide: Which Harley-Davidson to choose?

Road Glide 2024

(Photo 2564)

The third Harley-Davidson I tested was a 2024 Road Glide. Some modifications had been made, including the new 117 cu in V-Twin engine, among others. Indeed, Stage II would provide it with an additional 10 HP to 15 HP. A 2-in-1 exhaust was also added. It produces a nice sound without being too loud. The air intake was also modified to have a greater air intake. All traces of chrome were removed, and I love that. The seat was also replaced. It is very comfortable and helps maintain a good riding position. The handlebars are higher than the original ones and are just the right height.

What is special about the Road Glide range is that the front fairing is fixed and detached from the handlebars. Thus, the handlebars turn independently inside the fairing. I like that, and it does not affect the road behavior. Also, you are well protected from the wind thanks to the fairing. The suspension is probably the most performance-oriented compared to the other two models. Maneuverability and balance are very similar to the Street Bob. As for amenities, like the saddlebags and cruise control, they are more comparable to the Softail. However, I would have really liked to have heated grips with the cold days at the beginning of the season that I encountered. The Road Glide could be a logical choice for future shopping, for sure. I loved it. It ranks slightly ahead of the Street Bob in my appreciation.


So, depending on the budget we have, there are several possibilities available to us. Whether we are a newcomer or a veteran in motorcycling, or whether we are looking for a small, medium, or large motorcycle, each person can find what suits them. I suggest trying before buying. Who knows, your style may be found at Harley-Davidson!

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Street Glide vs. Road Glide: Which Harley-Davidson to choose?