Motorcycling, a Source of Happiness!

In life, we all need passions to live a serene and happy existence. Happiness is a pleasant, balanced and lasting emotional state in which one finds oneself when one feels that one has achieved the satisfaction of the aspirations and desires that one considers important.

A happy person perceives his or her own situation positively and feels a sense of fullness and serenity, from which stress, worry and unrest are absent. Isn’t this the feeling we all experience when riding a motorcycle?

Motorcycling, a Source of Happiness!

This feeling, which is essential for human survival, is mainly the result of serotonin production. It reduces risk-taking and thus pushes the individual to maintain and repeat situations that are favorable to him.

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that allows transmission between two neurons. It acts on the central nervous system and induces different actions, notably in the regulation of certain behaviors such as mood or emotionality. It is involved in moral suffering and therefore in depression. This would also have an action on sleep, sexual and eating disorders. This is why we commonly call it the “happiness hormone“.

Motorcycling, an Antidepressant!

All motorcyclists will tell you that the practice of our activity transports us in a second state. This is probably why we want to repeat this experience as often as possible. The happiness and the state of well-being that motorcycling gives us takes us away from the worries of everyday life. It also significantly reduces our anxiety levels.

Motorcycling, a Source of Happiness!

In a way, the motorcycle is a natural medicine with no contraindication on its frequency of use. Even in high doses, there are no negative effects except for becoming addicted to this drug of happiness!

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Motorcycling is a Way To Socialize

Socialization allows for the social integration of individuals who then feel they belong to a group. It also allows for social cohesion, i.e. the establishment of solidarity between individuals. Socialization thus allows at the same time to feel a member of a group with a whole share.

When we are in love with a common passion such as motorcycling, it is very easy to maintain a strong and durable friendship network. A true friendship is when it is confused with family. Isn’t it this brotherhood principle that we often find within a group of motorcyclists? Mutual aid and support are commonplace. The bonds that are created often go far beyond the meetings for just “riding”.

Participating in motorcycle rallies is an important part of the social life for many touring motorcyclists. The importance of these events transcends the simple recreational experience of riding a motorcycle and spending time with other riders. The abundance of anecdotes related to motorcycling makes for memorable evenings over a good drink.

True and lasting friendships between people are made when one person’s happiness is another person’s happiness. Truly valuable people, who give you energy, who inspire you, support you, and complement you, are rarer than we think, but develop when we practice a common activity. When we are in harmony with a person or a group, our brain is positively stimulated and we experience moments of happiness.

A Camera is a Must!

Isn’t it true that we want to capture every great moment of our lives? So don’t forget your camera or simply your cell phone on your motorcycle adventures. Our smartphones are portable and have a great photo application.

You won’t want to miss a great opportunity to take pictures that can be shared on social networks. This way, you can share your hikes and make the most beautiful moments of your life come alive.

Influence Those Around You!

You may be the trigger for some of your friends and family to want to own a motorcycle because of the desire you have created. If this is the case, you will probably become a mentor. You will be able to guide these newcomers in our beautiful activity.

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Moreover, you will have all the leisure to consult your numerous photos whenever you want and you will keep them in the archive to remember good moments of your existence. 

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone!

Riding a motorcycle allows us to discover new regions and new cultures. Whether it’s for a day or a weekend, the discovery and exploration of new territories is an excuse to go for a ride. Never put off this chance to maintain or increase your level of happiness until tomorrow.

We are frequently amazed by the magnificence that nature offers us. Let’s take the time to savor all these moments and fill our minds with these positive effects.  Numerous studies have shown that experiencing nature improves working memory, restores focused attention, relieves fear and stress and produces beneficial reductions in heart rate and blood pressure.

Travelling the world allows you to discover exciting new cultures, learn about ancient beliefs and hear fascinating life stories from people who actually live in these different environments. You have to be open to these discoveries; the motorcycle is one of the ideal means of transportation to achieve this. 

In Conclusion

Practicing motorcycling and recreating the conditions necessary to achieve this optimal experience, represents one more step towards the pursuit of happiness. So, isn’t it true that we are happier by riding a motorcycle? Come to think of it, I’m convinced of that!

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